It Started with a Passion

From the first day we’ve opened we’ve set out to create something special. We wanted to share the secret of great tea, little known outside of the ethnic Asian neighborhoods across America. We set out to introduce Bubble Tea, an addictively fun beverage that is the new side of tea. We have known this tea all throughout our lives and have ¬†enjoyed it across many Asian countries across the lands. Not only did we sought out to introduce bubble tea, but we wanted to bring a slice of the new urban culture brewing abroad in Asia.

Bubble teahouses in Asia are as common as coffeehouses are in the United States. Similar to our domestic coffeehouses, they serve as places to enjoy an afternoon, maybe with a friend or two. LimeRed is built to be a social powerhouse where everybody can feel at home and be themselves. We wanted a romantic place rife with possibilities. We wanted a chill atmosphere worthy of social relevance. We wanted to build a teahouse that would speak out loud for the new and unknown. We aspired to build a place where bonds were forged, connections were nourished, and memories were remembered.

That is the spirit of bubble tea.

That is the spirit of LimeRed.

Our Company

LimeRed Teahouse is a tea shop offering freshly-brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions, milk tea being the most popular. From what started as a quaint shop in Amherst, it became a big hit among the students in the area. As long lines formed and word spread like wildfire about this affordable and delicious beverage alternative, LimeRed expanded to a second space in Northampton to accomodate a wider and varied clientele.

LimeRed’s tea drinks and mixes are made from freshly brewed, top-quality tea leaves imported from the best tea-growing regions of Taiwan. The tea is brewed, steeped and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition– no machines. You are assured of a drink expertly handled with a human touch. Our shops, bright and comfortable with minimalist decor and friendly staff, thrive on the engaged community of LimeRed lovers who make it a place for great conversations that create memories of great times. All these plus that one cup of your favorite tea drink makes for the unforgettable experience of a different brew.

Our Culture

LimeRed Teahouse was built with the belief that great employees create great customers. Our employee-centric model have yielded many successful alumni that have moved on to greater things while cherishing their time at LimeRed. In addition, our customers have loved the LimeRed brand as it is synonymous to the warmth of home and cherished memories; some of which undoubtedly inspired by the staff. This creates a culture where customers become the very essence of LimeRed, which is to say that they hold dear the social connections they have created and will take on with them for the rest of their lives.

We are an artistic group, full of possibilities. Our walls are filled with customer driven art that not only expresses their own individuality, but also speaks volumes of the culture that have become unique to LimeRed and all the customers say it in one voice: I was here. This was my place. That impression left by LimeRed is what motivates all of us who work here at LimeRed to improve upon everything that we do. This feedback loop helps propel us to brave new heights, and our customers believe in us; there is no better motivation.

”¬†This place…. is phenomenal. And so cute (staff included). Honestly, I have a really bad crush on this place. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Past Customer

In Store Post Art

We encouraged our customers to leave us a little something of themselves. What we received in return was nothing short of amazing. Our Post Art Wall is filled with messages of customers writing to each other, to us, and to future customers. It is updated routinely as we are always getting more and more as customers from everywhere pour in their two cents on LimeRed, life, and love.

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Still something you want to know?

We’re pretty shy on here – so if we’ve missed anything at all, let us know what you want to know. The feedback we constantly get from our customers is the reason why we are so good at what we do. We need you. Without you, there is no point to us; we’d love to hear from you. So what are you waiting for?