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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bubble Tea

Let’s start with a basic anatomy lesson of LimeRed’s drinks!

Drink Type

Our drinks start with fresh brewed tea sourced from the green mountains of Taiwan and India. The quality is in the taste, our tea is brewed on premises every few hours.
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Topping Choice

Next, add one or more of our unique toppings to make your drink extra special. Toppings add texture to your drink in the form of chewy jellies and juice filled pearls that you pop in your mouth.
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What Others Say About Us

Everyday more people join the ultimate experience.

  • This LimeRed made me fall in love with bubble tea! I had previously tried boba when I was little and hated it, but I'm glad I tried it again when I was in the Amherst area for school. The store itself is cute and has a cozy atmosphere. Honestly, I didn't realize how much I liked the bubble tea from here until I moved across the country, tried a couple more bubble tea places, and really didn't enjoy them at all.

    Rachel L.
    Rachel L.Past Customer
  • I have grown to love the teahouse, especially the milk tea and bubble teas. My favorites are the honeydew milk tea with mango pop and the passion fruit iced with lychee pop.  (though any of the fruity iced ones are fantastic!) I have tried begging for a location in Burlington, VT as that is where I am now but alas, until I find my inner entrepreneur, I will have to make the 3 hour road trip to Northampton.  (totally worth it!) I shall miss you Lime Red and will hope that you someday make it to Burlington.

    Sara B.
    Sara B.Past Customer
  • MM mmm! LimeRed Teahouse has a wide selection of delicious drinks on their menu that it was difficult to pick just one. Of course, if you want to take the safe route, you can't go wrong with their milk tea with tapioca. It really hit the spot for me with the extra hint of tea which added to the authenticity of a true bubble milk tea! It was cold out but the cozy atmosphere and delicious drinks kept me nice and warm. A nice place to relax and chill with friends. Also would be a good atmosphere to study. Btw, there's free wi-fi access.

    Teresa F.
    Teresa F.Past Customer

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